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Community-Driven Token That Transforms Ideas Into Impact

Enabling users to build profitable ventures while safeguarding against scams, all within a supportive ecosystem that thrives on collaboration and shared success.

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Your Ticket To New Projects On Pulsechain
Ultra Fast

Enhance Your Projects with PulseCoin

Experience lightning-fast minting with our new PRC-20 factory. The process is streamlined and as simple as 1-2-3.

Connect Wallet

Wallet Connection

Easily connect to our platform using your EVM-compatible wallet. No registration required.


Set Creator Benefits

Allocate a percentage to token creators while rewarding PLSC stakers. Support and gain recognition in the ecosystem.

Create LP

Establish Liquidity Pool

Set up your liquidity pool and establish pricing for your tokens. All LP tokens are burned upon token creation.


Complete Mint

Congratulation, you have created your first token using the PulseCoin Token Factory.

Stake PLSC, Earn Exclusive Airdrops

By staking $PLSC, you secure a proportional share of tokens produced by our Token Factory.

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Your PLSC Stake
10,000 PLSC

Purely Decentralized: Engage Directly with the smart contracts on PulseChain

PulseCoin epitomizes decentralization. No headquarters, and no intermediaries. Your interactions with our contracts are direct and on-chain. All LP tokens are permanently burned, ensuring no predefined allocations or preferential distributions.

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PLSC Airdrop

Verify Airdrop Sources to Prevent Scams

Tokens minted with the PulseCoin factory are marked with a label to help you identify and avoid airdrops linked to malicious contracts. Additionally, a label will indicate if the LP tokens from a contract were burned at launch, enhancing security.

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