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How PulseCoin Implements Security

PulseCoin is a secure platform that takes the security of its users' funds very seriously. The following are some of the security features that PulseCoin implements:

Rigorous Code Audits: Ensuring the Integrity of our Smart Contracts

PulseCoin places immense importance on the security of our smart contracts. We employ multiple layers of audits to guarantee the reliability and safety of our contracts, including those generated through our token factory, the staking contract, and the factory contract itself. Our contracts are built on top of the audited, reputable OpenZeppelin frameworks which are known for their robust security features. By continuously testing and updating our protocols in response to audit findings, we commit to maintaining the highest standard of security and performance. You can review detailed audit reports for our factory and staking contracts on ContractWolf.

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The Importance of Having Limited Admin Keys

In line with our commitment to trust and security, PulseCoin's smart contracts are designed with limited admin keys. This decision plays a crucial role in enhancing the security of our platform by eliminating the possibility of a single point of failure or manipulation. The lack of admin keys mean there is no backdoor access, ensuring that the contracts operate in a fully trustless and tamper-proof environment. This architecture not only enhances security but also reinforces the decentralized nature of our platform.

Commitment to Open-Source Code

Transparency is key in building trust. At PulseCoin, all our smart contracts are open-source and can be freely accessed through the block explorer. This openness allows developers and security researchers to review our code, fostering a community-driven approach to security. By making our code public, we invite ongoing scrutiny and improvements, leading to a more secure and resilient platform.

Decentralized and Resilient: Built on the PulseChain Network

PulseCoin is proudly decentralized, built on the innovative PulseChain network. This decentralization means that PulseCoin operates on a network that is not controlled by any single entity, significantly reducing risks of censorship and targeted attacks. The decentralized nature of PulseCoin ensures that the platform remains robust and operational, even under challenging conditions.

Enhanced Trust with Airdrop Badges

At PulseCoin, we enhance the security and trustworthiness of airdrops through our unique badge system. This system is designed to help users easily identify the origin and reliability of airdrops on our platform. We assign badges based on several criteria to ensure transparency and promote safe investment practices.

Internal vs. External Airdrops

PLSC made
External airdrop

Each airdrop on PulseCoin is marked with a badge indicating whether it is internal or external.Internal airdrops are those generated by one of our own factory contracts and adhere to our stringent security protocols. External airdrops, while also verified, are created outside our immediate ecosystem. This distinction helps users understand the source of each airdrop, enhancing trust and allowing for more informed decisions.

Badges for Good Behavior

Rug proof

To further ensure the safety of our users, we award badges for good behavior within the ecosystem. Airdrops that incorporate PulseCoin-made liquidity provision (LP) strategies, such as burned LP tokens, receive special recognition. Additionally, those with low creator allocations — reducing the risk of manipulative practices commonly referred to as "rug pulls" — are also highlighted. These badges signal to our users that an airdrop meets higher standards of security and fairness, making them more "unruggable" and safe to participate in.

This badge system not only fosters a safer environment but also empowers our community by providing clear, visual cues to identify the most secure and trustworthy airdrops. By understanding these badges, users can more easily navigate the PulseCoin ecosystem and engage with airdrops that align with their security needs and investment criteria.

Tips for staying safe

In addition to the security features that PulseCoin implements, there are a few things that you can do to stay safe when using the platform.

Store your private keys securely

Never share your private keys with anyone. Keep them in a safe place where they cannot be lost or stolen. Consider using hardware wallets for enhanced security.

Be careful about what websites you visit

Only visit and interact with trustworthy and reputable websites. Use only the offical website of PulseCoin to ensure the safety of your funds.

Be careful about what links you click on

Avoid clicking on suspicious links in emails or messages, especially from unknown sources.

Be careful about what information you share

Be vigilant about the information you share online. PulseCoin will never ask for your sensitive personal details through unofficial channels.