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Unlock Exclusive Airdrops Through Staking

Secure exclusive airdrops and benefit from structured vesting periods by staking your PLSC tokens, enhancing your investment potential.

Seamless Entry to Rewarding Opportunities:

The staking process is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Upon staking your tokens, you immediately become eligible to receive airdrops. These rewards are an integral part of our incentive structure, aimed at enhancing your investment portfolio without the complexities of active trading or speculation.

Unlock Exclusive Airdrops Through Staking:

By staking your PLSC tokens, you gain exclusive access to airdrops facilitated by our expansive range of factory contracts. These airdrops serve as a reward mechanism, offering additional tokens and benefits directly to your wallet. This is a fantastic opportunity to increase your holdings simply by participating in our staking program.

Understanding Staking Mechanics

How to Stake Your Tokens

Staking your PLSC tokens is a simple process. Deposit your tokens into the designated staking contract to start earning potential airdrops. There's no minimum staking period required, allowing you flexibility in managing your investment.

Automatic Enrollment for Airdrops:

Once staked, your tokens automatically qualify you for upcoming airdrops from our factory contract based on the block height of your staking. These airdrops are distributed among stakers, giving you a proportional share based on the amount of PLSC you have staked. If you want a bigger share of the airdrop, you can stake more PLSC to gain a larger share, unless the airdrop is a snapshot airdrop, in which case it calculate the share based on the total amount of PLSC you have staked at the time of the snapshot.

How to Unstake and Associated Fees

Flexible Unstaking Options:

You can choose to unstake your tokens at any time. This flexibility ensures that you are always in control of your investments and can adapt to changing market conditions or personal financial needs.

Understanding the Unstaking Fee:

Unstaking involves a nominal fee of 3.69% on the staked amount, which is burned to enhance the value of the remaining tokens by reducing the overall supply. This fee is part of the ecosystem's economic design to encourage thoughtful unstaking and maintain the integrity of the staking pool.

Graduated Vesting for Maximum Flexibility

The vesting schedule in PLSC staking is designed to provide flexibility while rewarding long-term participants. This tiered vesting system adjusts based on the amount you stake, catering to different investment strategies:

  • Less than 1000 PLSC:
    hese are instantly vested, allowing immediate access to rewards and enabling quick response to market movements or personal liquidity needs.
  • Stakes between 10 000 to 1 000 000 PLSC:
    These stakes are vested over a period scaling up to 90 days, calculated linearly. This means the more you stake, the longer your vesting period, balancing reward potential with commitment to the staking pool.
  • Stakes above 1 000 000 PLSC:
    For significant contributions, these stakes are vested over a fixed period of 90 days. This longer period reflects the substantial impact large stakes have on the reward pool distribution, ensuring fairness and sustained participation.

Vesting Benefits and Skip Vesting Fee:

While your tokens are vested, you are eligible to receive airdrop rewards, which accumulate and are distributed once the vesting period ends. If you wish to access your rewards before the vesting period completes, a skip vesting fee of 3.69% applies. This fee is immediately removed from circulation through burning, which helps maintain token scarcity and value. Opting to pay the skip vesting fee allows you immediate access to your accumulated rewards, providing flexibility in how and when you choose to manage your investment returns.

By understanding and navigating these vesting periods, and considering the option to skip vesting when needed, you can maximize your returns and align your investment strategy with your financial goals. Vesting in PLSC staking is not just a safeguard but a strategic tool for enhancing the benefits of participating in our reward distributions.

Join Our Staking Program Today:

By participating in PLSC staking, you’re not just investing in tokens; you’re investing in a stream of potential gains. Embrace the simplicity of our staking process and start enhancing your portfolio through our strategically structured airdrops.